2月 25 2023

Investigating Plausible as a workspace stack to replace Google Analytics

tech stack activity
2月 21 2023

Migrated cv pages to cv.kaleo.me which built with NextJS, tailwindcss and staticrypt. Use modern web stack means it’s easy to have a nice responsive design on various screens( iPhone, laptop or print with a A4 size).

tech activity
2月 17 2023

最开始的 Unix 文档 The UNIX Time-Sharing System,十几年后的今天,底层的基本设计还是没有变。

tech tweet
1月 29 2023

Introduce imgproxy into my workspace toolset. I use it to convert all HEIC to JPG on the fly for this website.

tech stack activity
1月 15 2023

Investigating Wezterm as a workspace stack.

tech stack activity
1月 14 2023

Migrated various cheatsheets to ref.kaleo.me.

tech activity
1月 10 2023

Investigating D2 as a workspace stack.

tech stack activity