10月 25 2023
如下是这个博客使用过的首页名称,到目前为止它们都取自于我读过的书籍: 2016~2020: …<用过的名字>
10月 21 2023

Switch color scheme to Flexoki.

tech stack activity
9月 21 2023
  • 西出玉门 》尾鱼
  • 网络是怎样连接的 》户根勤
  • 深渊上的火 》弗诺·文奇
  • collection book
    8月 5 2023

    I use cool-retro-term when to focus on writting.

    tech stack activity
    7月 5 2023

    Drop Wezterm and replace with kitty as kitty is much faster.

    tech stack activity
    6月 18 2023

    Use home manager to manage dotfiles for both NixOS and MacOS platform.

    tech stack activity
    6月 9 2023
    6月 8 2023

    Introduce new stack Sharing to sharing files between my Linux PC to iPhone.

    Move Wezterm from investigate to use. Apart from the Chinese on Linux in vim, the others are good setup the fallback font all good. At the meanwhile still keep the Terminator/iTerm2 as backup.

    tech stack activity